Seismic Compliance


California State Hospitals

California State licensed Hospitals are required to meet specific seismic ratings as dictated by California State and Assembly Bills. Collectively, the State Bills are intended to elevate California Healthcare Disaster Readiness Modernization. Seismic Compliance is meeting or exceeding performance ratings before the deadlines set forth in the California State Bills. The State Legislature does amend the Bills as influenced by healthcare challenges and Hospital administrations. Hospital structures not meeting the minimum seismic requirements, as set forth by the State, will not receive permits for new construction work not associated with seismic compliance. Hospital structures not meeting the minimum seismic requirements, as set forth by the State, may not receive reimbursement for services. We have experience in all aspects of Seismic Compliance. Walter Grace has successfully managed, retrofits, rebuilds and relocates for our California clients.


The California State Legislature has passed several State Bills defining Seismic Compliance and how compliance is verified. The State Bills assign NPC and SPC ratings to each State licensed structure. The NPC rating is a structural evaluation of the mechanical systems. In a catastrophic event, will the critical systems remain functional to service health needs. The SPC rating is a structural evaluation of the building structure. In a catastrophic event, can the building remain occupied, can the building remain occupied, receive and care for additional patients? State Assembly Bill 2190 extends prior deadlines for lowest performing structures. New deadline is extended to January 1st, 2025. State Bill 1953 outlines requirements for buildings by year 2030., State Bill 395 provides some funding for Small and Rural Hospitals for seismic planning and compliance design Earthquake Assessments.


Compliance Tools are the resources needed to successfully meet the State of California's requirements and avoid any enforcement action. Relationships with the authorities having jurisdiction are critical to ensuring sign-off and compliance by the mandated deadlines. Experience and having the right partners to focus the team will help avoid performing needless tasks and over-complicating the en devour. The State has defined several tools to compliance. Those include upgrading existing facilities structure, utility relocates and bracing, exiting reroutes and relocates, and removing acute care services (RACS) from the non-compliant buildings. There are some exceptions to State requirements for Small and Rural Hospitals and Critical Access Hospital. California Hospital Association and other partners can help with more detail.