Quality Control

Quality Control

Quality Control is a procedure or set of procedures intended to ensure that a project meets the requirements of the customer. These procedures can range from trade installation plans to inspection and verification programs. Quality must be instilled as an attitude and expectation from the beginning. Quality must be measured and managed. Quality does not happen by accident. Project orientations and all communication drive the expectation of quality in everything we do. Quality is a behavior. Building an acute healthcare project is different. The building is the a big part in the patient healing experience. It is your community and understanding our part in healthcare is important. Walter Grace personnel creators of quality control programs for large and small health care projects. Our experience drives home how critical early communication is. We have every opportunity to effect quality before the work goes in. Make sure expectations are specifically understood and what tools we have to meet them.


Work plans are a set of steps or procedures that outline a sequence work to achieve a desired product. That desired product or output, can be anything, from installing a new roof or designing new landscape. Work plans make the complicated process of construction more manageable and coordinated.
The persons actually doing the work should be the persons planning and committing to the work. The persons doing the work communicate what they need from others to complete their task. The person providing the information commits to providing complete information.
Work plans need to be tracked and managed to be successful. The plans should be updated and corrected as conditions change. Make the plan realistic and reliable for team buy-in and commitment.
Walter Grace personnel facilitate work plan sessions with the persons performing and committing to the work. We can evaluate existing schedules and work plans for feasibility and suggested improvements. We have a record of problem solving and issue resolution. The tough problems get us excited to make a difference. Planning through the problem is key, with mock-ups and first installation meetings.


Verification is the process of establishing the accuracy of something. In acute healthcare construction, we verify as we design, as we build and as we commission. We all have customers of our work product. The electrical designers customer is the electrical contractor who has to install the design. The flooring contractor is the customer of the concrete installer. Each step, there are requirements which must be met before the next step can proceed. Pre-installation meetings should focus on what is the acceptance criteria of the customer. What are the requirements of the work product? The pre-installation meetings are followed by first in-place meetings and combined with mock-ups, where appropriate. Quality Assurance is the contractor’s preinspection program. The contractor verifies before inspectors. Quality Control is the inspection program by owner and record keeping. Walter Grace personnel will develop your entire verification and quality program or just parts that need help. We can come into any building situation and advise on steps and procedures to increase quality and better verify the work is installed correctly the first time.