Construction Project Management

Construction Project Management

Construction Project Management is the professional handling of an HCAI (formerly OSHPD) permitted hospital construction project. Project Management coordinates the project with hospital operations to minimize impact and deliver on staff expectations. Project Management provides regular updates to the project stake holders. All project needs are managed by Project Management Team including design, permitting, scheduling, construction and occupancy. The project manager coordinates closely with the Hospital licensing agent. Walter Grace provides Professional and Experienced staff for your project. We leverage relationships and organize the greater team to achieve predictable results.


Small and Rural Hospitals are the heart of the community and one of the biggest employers. With all the blessings of a Small and Rural Hospital, the location can be a challenge for resources and expertise. These hospitals typically struggle with a different reimbursement model creating limited funding and deferred maintenance. It is important to have an experienced Management team who can apply past lessons and quickly get to the solution. Wasted resources at the Small Hospitals are particularly impactful. Small and Rural Hospitals are ofter eligible for State programs for project funding or code exception considerations. State Bill 395 allows for some State funding for Seismic compliance planning and investigation. Walter Grace understands the constraints of Small and Rural Hospitals with limited resources and project experience. We bring care to your community. With 50+ projects at small and rural hospitals in Northern California, we can provide complete Project Management services. Walter Grace is also a General Contractor. If the local GC is not working, we can step in and manage the Subcontractor team too.


The Project Management Team handles everything project related. The Team executes contracts, scopes, budgets and schedules the project, hires and coordinates design, coordinates permit, construction and occupancy. Often the Owner hires an experienced consultant as the Project Management Team if they lack the in-house expertise or available resources. The Team provides regular project reports on project cost and schedule and risk. The Project Management Team is responsible for the quality and execution of the project. Walter Grace has staff experience on 175+ California Hospital Projects. We bring our vast knowledge and deep relationships to each project ensuring reliable and predictable results. We have successfully delivered complicated projects such as: Seismic and Earthquake, USP Pharmacies, All Operating Suites, All Imaging Suites.


Owner Services are project tasks which typically are the Owners responsibility. Owner supplied items such as medical equipment, imaging equipment, minor equipment and furniture are owner services on a Hospital construction project. Vendor coordination for utilities, delivery and training finish off the staff experience and make the project successful. The Hospital licensing agent is responsible for interacting with the California Department of Public Health. That responsibility is typically not transferred to a consultant. If the project encounters hazardous waste, the Owner is responsible for notification, mitigation plan and monitoring, where applicable. With our industry contacts and extensive construction history, Walter Grace will perform all equipment and furniture procurement. We will assist the Owner licensing agent with State agency licensing engagements.