Our Team


Joe is the founder and manager of Walter Grace since 2020. He has over 20 years of building and managing experience on California Healthcare Construction projects. The Teams he helps form take pride in what they build together and individually. Joe has been a Director of Design and Construction for a large health system and has been a senior project manager on all size projects, from billion dollar new construction hospitals to replacement of a medication refrigerator. Joe is a collaborative leader, who elevates the project team with direct and positive communication. He is not afraid to have the difficult conversations and strives to help others get the right answer quicker. Joe has built an extensive network of competent and honest designers, builders, subcontractors, vendors and owners who he frequently calls upon to leverage expert services.


Sara has been a part of Walter Grace since it’s founding. Sara is an invaluable home office resource, responsible for contracting, invoicing, insurance and accounting.Sara assists with all aspects of construction projects focusing on project communication and deadlines.You are in good hands with Sara.