Construction Program Management

Program Management

Program Management is Executive Management of all your capital construction projects. Program Management is prioritizing resources and limited capital to get the greatest community impact. Experience and hospital operational knowledge are combined to provide input for strategic capital decisions. Walter Grace provides Executive Management and Project Managers for the team or we organize your existing staff to professionally execute on your Capital needs. Walter Grace staff have managed systems of 150+ projects across several counties.


Capital Planning involves quickly performing high level scoping and budgeting reviews based on known and projected needs. Prioritize the projects with hospital operations, community need and return on investment, to set your Capital Planning and funding strategy. Beyond immediate needs, Master Planning takes the campus or system through a long-term usage plan. Master Planning is very useful to align your current priorities with care of the future.


Managing system construction projects is project management of all your capital construction projects. Any project requiring a permit would be managed by consultant staff. Monthly reporting is typically provided for the entire system with each individual project a part of that report. Reporting typically includes system financials and status updates. All project needs are managed by a consultant including design, scheduling, construction and occupancy permit. The system manager coordinates and assists closely with the Hospital licensing agent.


Licensed California Hospitals are required to meet certain seismic criteria as dictated by several California State and Assembly Bills. Each bill adds requirements or amends prior legislation. Deadlines and requirements change as quickly as you can plan for the last round. It is important to have experience helping you through the confusing evaluation and planning phases and help you prioritize limited funding. Some of California’s State Bills for Disaster Readiness Modernization, which our clients are actively navigating are: SB 1953, AB 2190, SB 395, Remove Acute Care Services (RACS) projects. California State compliance requires, per State Bill, to provide status updates in the form of Quarterly Reporting and construction schedules showing compliance prior to mandated deadlines.